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I am your host: Vietek Ladislaav… 

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Sandra Long is among the early pioneers of women in field sales. Eventually began using LinkedIn for B2B sales research in 2005. So you could say that she is proud to be both an early adopter of LinkedIn and a woman in sales.

Now she is enjoying my second career as an author, speaker, and instructor and she loves helping organizations and people use LinkedIn to enhance their sales, businesses, or careers.

Book: LinkedIn For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide

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Liam Darmody is a LinkedIn Branding Strategist and Career&Leadership Coach. He is a proud husband and father to two wonderful tiny human beings.

Follow Liam on his hashtag #LIAMonLinkedIn or check his website www.liamdarmody.co

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Richard van der Blom is the founder of Just Connecting and an experienced LinkedIn & ‘Social Selling’ trainer.

In this episode, he will share his insight on B2B Sales and on how to get more leads in less time by increasing the lead generation by 300%. 

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Hrabren Bankov a.k.a. “Marketing Harry” is the owner of Brave Social Media Marketing.

In this episode, he will talk about his journey on how he grew his personal brand from 0 to 70,000 followers on Instagram in 7 months and how he applies this strategy to LinkedIn.

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Loren Greiff is the Founder & President of portfoliorocket.com.

In this episode, she will discuss how she helps Senior Creatives & Marketers find 80-85% of the jobs that are not posted online. She was also listed on Top 75 Linkedin Voices For JobSeekers.

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John Espirian is a LinkedIn Expert, business owner, and author of the book Content DNA.

In this episode, he will share his knowledge on how to stand out on LinkedIn, how to make your content interesting, and what tools you can use to optimize your workflow.

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Helena Staelens is a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Cross Border Consulting, specializing in International Legal and Finance Search.

She is also a LinkedIn Expert, and will tell us how to use the platform most efficiently if you are an employee searching for a job. 

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Belinda Aramide is a Sales Coach and Strategic LinkedIn Consultant from Canada. Her clients call her the ‘Oprah of Sales’.

Belinda consults with companies on their LinkedIn strategy and helps turn their leadership and employees into company evangelists that build the company brand, increase awareness, and drive sales activities.

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Mark Williams is a world-class LinkedIn Trainer from Chester, UK, also known as ‘Mr. LinkedIn’. He was one of the first LinkedIn Trainers, having started to educate people about the platform back in 2008.

Mark is also the creator of an award-winning podcast LinkedInformed.

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Yoel Israel is a Digital Marketing Expert from Israel. He uses his expertise to give his clients an industry advantage in digital marketing through a combination of LinkedIn, Lead Generation, Market funnel optimization, Search engine marketing, SEO and other tools.

It this episode Yoel will share his knowledge of lead generation, engaging with customers, LinkedIn Ads and more.

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Jeff Young is a LinkedIn Trainer and Professional Networker from Ohio, USA, also known as #TheLinkedInGuru.

Jeff is a former Director and Account Manager with Intellinex, and has helped manage and mentor thousands of people in many different organizations.

In the last 3 years, he has provided nearly 200 free LinkedIn workshops.

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Wonderful LinkedIn insights 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I love the direct way Vietek jumps straight into the questions and draws out the LinkedIn insights from his guests. Really good content for anyone looking to improve the way they use LinkedIn, with great tips from experts around the world.

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Arpit Khurana is an AI For Marketing Trainer, Growth Marketer, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Speaker, and Consultant.

In this episode, he will share his knowledge about AI tools currently available in the market and explain why business owners should seriously consider adopting this new technology.

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This is a special edition of the LinkedIn Smart Podcast. Instead of having one guest, we put together for you the best parts of 6 different interviews. You will hear advice on the best strategies, posting, company pages, LinkedIn ads, and much more.

Today with you will be 6 LinkedIn experts: AJ WilcoxTrevor TurnbullWayne BreitbarthSam RathlingCorinne Keijzer, and Nanna Sondrup

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Martin Martinez is an Australian serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits.

Martin has assembled an incredible team of software engineers and support personnel that’s lead him to create one of the largest automation products in the market.

Listen to this episode to know all about LinkedIn automation tools and how to use them safely.

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Debbie Wemyss is an independent LinkedIn Specialist, Corporate Coach, LinkedIn Speaker and Marketing Pro.

At the age of 57 she lost her job, discovered LinkedIn and started her own business. Now she is helping other people to get the most out of the platform.

Listen to this episode to find out how you can use LinkedIn to save time and money, and why you should read LinkedIn User Agreement.

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Elton Kuah is a Certified Digital Marketer and B2B Market Researcher from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He is an expert in B2B market research, digital marketing in the area of content marketing, lead generation, and design thinking since the year 2009, speaker and presenter for business conferences such as Asia Financial Forum (AFF) and Entrepreneurs Day, Asia Business Forum, and Social Media Week Malaysia.

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Brilliant strategies! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I love your episodes – they are always full of new insights and quick actions that I can take immediately

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Karen Tisdell is a LinkedIn Expert from Sydney, Australia. She specializes in designing stunning LinkedIn Profiles for her clients.

In this episode, Karen will tell us how to make your profile stand out from the crowd and really speak to your target audience. We will discuss the use of keywords and various graphic elements to give you the best presentation possible.

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Tyron Giuliani is a LinkedIn Expert from Tokyo, Japan. He has been in business for more than 20 years and has experienced the power of LinkedIn firsthand.

Now he is helping other entrepreneurs to use LinkedIn properly to find clients. In his 7 week program, he promises to teach business owners to generate NON-STOP business leads via LinkedIn.

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Collin Mitchell is the founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Monster VoIP, he leads a team of passionate agents who want to make a difference and build real, the sustainable financial freedom that allows them to live better lives. 

According to his clients, Collin is a phenomenal sales coach, mentor, and strategist. He is actively using LinkedIn for his business and will share with you his best strategies.

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Great great LinkedIn podcast 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is a super podcast for anyone interested in LinkedIn; brilliant knowledge and content through interviews with some of the best worldwide LinkedIn experts! Thanks, Vietek 👏👏. Stephen Quinn ☘️

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